Re-using shipping containers.

Homes, geusthouses, shelters, garages, garden sheds, holliday homes, bars, promotional units, mobile snack units, we build it for a sharp rate starting at 500 euro per m3

Shipping containers are made to endure all kinds of weathers and enviroments while being shipped all over the world. When not used for shipping or storage these shipping containers are mostly unused and stacked at big storage yards everywhere around the world. Why not use them to build your strong, durable, cheap low foot print homes and other buildings.

Because we build with steel shipping container as a core structure, the buildings have a low footprint and are modular,  and thus easily expandable and if needed repositionable at a later time. Of course when wanted there is the possibility of new energy`s like solar panels,  earth heat and a pellet heater to be installed in the buildings. Please feel free to look around on our site. For quotations and questions please contact us at